Thank you for your interest in Live-Tech Hosted Exchange 2010. Please note the following are frequently asked questions.

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What mobile phones are supported?

Currently, all iPhones, Android OS, Windows Mobile 5+ OS, Windows Phone all versions, Nokia Mail for Exchange, Palm Pre, and Palm 700p are fully supported.

What are the access methods available?

We support full MAPI and OWA. We do not sell OWA only.

What is the storage limitation for Archiving?

There are no storage limits for archiving services.

How long is email retained?

Archiving email is stored up to 10 years

Do you offer Legal Hold?


Can I export my mail?

Yes, you can export in a number of common formats like CSV, pst, txt file etc.

How quickly are messages visible in the archives?

Archived messages will generally appear within a few hours of being sent of received.

What is the attachments limit for incoming and outgoing emails?

50 MB

What version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server are you currently running?

Version 5.X

Do you support BlackBerry OS 6?

We support all versions including the latest 6.0.

Do you support BlackBerry Public Calendars

Yes, at an additional cost.

What are my minimum software requirements?

Windows XP SP2, Outlook 2007 or higher with Safari 4+ or Mozilla 3.6+ or Internet Explorer 7+, Mac OS X with Entourage 2008 EWS or higher with a Safari 4+ or Mozilla 3.6+

What are my minimum hardware requirements?

High Speed Internet connection. If you use Outlook Web Access, you will only need a computer that is sufficiently powerful to access the Internet via a Safari 4+ or Mozilla 3.6+ or Internet Explorer 7+

What protocol or connection type do you use to access your mailbox?

We use RPC over HTTPS connection

What is the maximum amount of individuals I can add to a Distribution list?


How many distribution lists may I create?


Do you permit using email aliases and how many may each user have?

Yes, they are unlimited.

What is your backup policy?

We do a full backup of all mail stores daily for a maximum period of seven days. Users requiring longer email retention would be recommended to purchase the archive add-on.

What is maximum allowable size of my email box?

According to Microsoft the maximum allowable size is 2TB. We recommend however that you limit your size of mailbox on a local computer to no more than 50GB for performance reasons in regards to indexing file resources and search functionality.

How many emails can be sent and received during a 24 hour period?

Currently our system allows 1000 outgoing emails to be sent from a single user per day. There is no limit to incoming emails.

Do you allow catchalls?

No, we allow unlimited aliases however.

When are users notified when they are reaching their mailbox quota?

At 92% users are warned that their mailbox is nearing its capacity. At 100% users are no longer able to send.

What happens if they exceed the threshold?

At 112% users can no longer send or receive. Plan Upgrade Options Available.

May I forward emails from my mailbox to another address?


One of the users wants another user to receive the same email they receive – does this apply?

For most parts it’s a distribution list ie one email that is sent to multiple people.  Otherwise, it would be an email forward if for example if someone sends an email to and you want to receive a copy of it.

One of the users wants another user to receive the same email they receive – does this apply?

For most parts it’s a distribution list ie one email that is sent to multiple people.  Otherwise, it would be an email forward if for example if someone sends an email to and you want to receive a copy of it.

Are you a Tier 4 data center?


What connection speeds do you offer to your data center?

We have two OC48 (one redundant) with a burstable load of 1Gbit/s in our data center

Can external users migrate to Live-Tech using our Migration Tool?

Yes, as long as they use a webmail client and have ONE user that can be given full mailbox permission to the mailboxes of all users in their organization.

How long does it take to manually migrate the data of a user’s mailbox?

Generally it’s about bandwidth and network conditions. The average is 3Gb an hour. Use this as a benchmark when asking how large each user’s mailbox is.

What version of Outlook may I use?

Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2011 for Mac. Outlook 2003 is no longer supported.

Is there any additional cost for software or If I don’t have Outlook?

No. Each mailbox includes Free Software Licensing for Outlook & Entourage (PC & Mac).

How often do passwords expire?

Our Control Panel allows you to control the length, complexity as well as the duration of password expiry.

How much storage does one receive?

We offer 100MB per user up to a maximum of 2GB. If you need more space, we recommend that you consider at using SharePoint Foundations 2010.

Who do you use for virus/spam filtering?

Cloudmark –

Do you allow Blacklists and whitelists?


Can users modify their whitelists and blacklists or is this strictly controlled via an Admin.

Yes. We also offer Admin level of control to prevent or allow users to modify their whitelists and blacklists respectively.

Can customers buy their own SSL Certs?

No. SSL Certs are installed and maintained by the Hosting team. We are unable to support unless we own the certificate.

What is the URL for OWA?

I thought Exchange services were pricey and made just for enterprise.

No… thanks to the evolution of technology Live-Tech Hosted Exchange handles everything for you so you do not need extensive hardware or techs around the clock at you to ensure up-time. All this is done and managed for you by us. You can get just 1 account or 100’s based on your size and needs.

I ran out of space, now what do I do

Live-Tech makes upgrades easy and painless. Just simply send us a request and your plan will be altered accordingly.

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