Service Comparison Live-Tech Hosted Exchange 2010 Google Apps for Business
Advertising to users None Yes. Although you can disable/hide advertisements for account users with the Google Apps for Business or Education plans, other Google applications accessible within the account, like iGoogle, Google Desktop, and Translator, have advertising.(Google is an advertising company. All your activities on Google are traceable; Google can use and distribute this information for profit.)Source:
Full integration with Outlook (MAPI) Yes. Exchange offers full integration with Outlook and familiar interfaces. It is the email server behind more than 300 million business mailboxes. Difficult at best.Although Gmail Google Sync allows for synchronization with Outlook, it is fraught with issues and will continue to be until Microsoft releases its source code, which will never happen.Google Apps also forces Office-centric companies to move away from a rich and mature Microsoft Office product to one that is less refined and solely cloud-based.Google Apps also creates inter-operability issues since most of your partners/customers will use some form of Office product. You either have to keep Office and pay for two competing systems, or ask partners/customers to adapt to your needs.“(Google Apps is cost effective only if you move entirely from MS Office to Google Apps.)”
Migration Support Full Service Support. Live-Tech’s MIDAS data migration team ensures smooth migration and integration. It has dedicated tools and has handled thousands of migrations from numerous mail platforms. Little to no support.Self-guided migration only using automated tools. Assistance is available only through Google vendor partners for a fee.(Partners only need to have completed 3 deployments to become a certified Google Deployment Specialist.) Source:
Technical Support 24/7/365 support by phone, chat, and email, provided by a Live-Tech Microsoft-certified specialists. 24/7/365 web support only.Phone support is available only for critical issues.Source:
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Troubleshooting Full Support. We’ll help with any issues related to Outlook and Exchange, and minimize vendor discrepancies/roadblocks of competing products. Minimal Support. Onus is placed on the customer to resolve issues from competing vendors.
BlackBerry Support Full BES support for BlackBerry devices, Sync Email, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks.Remote wipe of device is supported. NO BES support.A connector is available, but it requires you to manage your mobile solution on-premise, separately from your messaging solution.Remote wipe is supported.
ActiveSync / Mobile Support Full ActiveSync support and wireless sync of Email, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks included in the offering. Remote wipe of device is supported. Limited. Wireless sync of Email, Calendar and Contacts via Exchange ActiveSync is only available with Google App’s Premier Edition ($50/year per user). Remote wipe is supported.
Offline use Yes. No. Requires a plug-in connector and the purchase of Outlook and/or licenses. Google Docs are not usable offline; requires a Chrome plug-in, which is subject to advertising.
Data center locations In Canada – not subject to the Patriot Act. Unknown.Google does not reveal the locations of its data centers; your data is subject to the rules and regulations of the host country where it is stored.Source:
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Enterprise-grade service level agreement Yes.Our financially-backed 99.999% uptime SLAmeans we reimburse you if our uptime falls below 99.999% availability. Yes.However, if availability falls below 99.9%, Google only tacks on additional days of service to your contract. Customers billed monthly receive monetary credits.(Monthly billing costs 20% more on average than yearly billing.)Source:
Fortune 500-grade infrastructure Yes.SAS 70 Type II-certified SAN-based architecture. High availability and efficient resource allocation provided by virtualization.Security assured by multiple layers of protection. Equipment and components from market-leading vendors such as Dell, EMC, Pillar Data, Cisco, and CheckPoint. Unknown. Google’s unwillingness to provide details on its data storage locations and infrastructure means you cannot know if your critical business data is exposed to geographical, political, financial or infrastructure instability.
Rights Delegation Yes. Precise definition of permissions for Email, Calendars, and Tasks. Accessible in Outlook and via Outlook Web App. Yes, but only via web. Permission works with Outlook, but only for calendar and email.
Active directory synchronization Yes. ADSync software allows for easy sharing of Active Directory attributes with Live-Tech hosted Exchange and Single Sign-On. Limited. Google Apps Directory Sync is LDAP only and does not allow Single Sign-On.
Resource Mailboxes Yes. Schedule shared resources like meeting rooms, conference lines or projectors via Outlook or OWA. Limited. Resource mailboxes are only available in the cloud, not via Google Sync for Outlook.
Attachment limit 50 MB 25 MB
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Shared folders Multiple options.SharePoint – free 100 Mb per organization withExchange.Public Folders – Up to 2 Gb of free public folder space per organization. Limited options.Google Docs is the only way to share information. The lack of centralized views online requires you to jump from one Google App to another.Furthermore, you cannot access Google docs in Outlook; sharing of folder data and content can only be done online.
Chat A pervasive IM experience. OCS/Lync offers presence awareness, calling, online meetings and videoconferencing. A limited IM experience. No presence awareness in Outlook.
Webmail Business-grade interface and conversation-style messaging with Outlook Web App 2010. Consumer-grade interface with Gmail.
Calendar Outlook syncs. Google Sync for Outlook.
Tasks Outlook syncs. In BETA and not supportedby Google App’s SLA or support.Source:
Notes Outlook syncs. Syncs with Google Docs only. You have to switch from one app to another to view information.
Environmental Footprint Live-Tech’s Canadian data centers use a renewable energy source, hydro-electricity, making our data centers 100% Green. Data centers mostly powered by coal.

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