• Total mailbox space per user from 25GB to UnlimitedWhat We Offer
    • 24/7 Toll-free phone/email/chat/remote support
    • All Inclusive Full Service Live-Tech Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010
    • SharePoint Hosted from 100MB to 100GB (see plans)
    • Advanced antispam and antivirus protection
    • Outlook Web App (OWA 2010) – Access Anywhere at Any Time
    • Accounts opened instantly 24/7
    • No Minimum number of users – Start with 1 Mailbox and grow to Unlimited

    • Free Microsoft Outlook or Entourage license & digital download. Read moreWhat We Offer
    • Free ActiveSync (iPhone, Android, Windows, and other smartphones)
    • BES: BlackBerry Enterprise Sync (no setup fees) at $14.95 per mailbox
    • 24/7/365 Migration
    • Distribution lists
    • Personal and shared calendar, contacts and task manager
    • Corporate address book
    • Group scheduling with real-time availability

    • Disk space for public folders from 100mb to 2GB per organization What We Offer
    • Supported protocols: POP, IMAP, SMTP, Outlook Anywhere
    • Tier-4 data center
    • Storage Area Network (SAN)
    • Clustered servers in a high availability infrastructure
    • 99.999% service uptime
    • Nightly backups
    • Managed updates
    • … and many Addons.

Reach new levels of productivityReach new levels of productivity

With every new release of its Exchange Server, Microsoft delivers a wide range of interesting features that aim to improve overall performance, reliability, and ease of use. With Live-Tech’s Exchange 2010 hosting, you benefit from the latest technology at the most competitive price. Don’t be left behind, move on to Exchange 2010!

State-of-the-art MobilityState-of-the-art Mobility

Anywhere access to emails has become a business necessity. Live-Tech’s Hosted Exchange 2010 brings you perfect synchronization with BlackBerry, iPhone, or any other smartphone so you can stay connected to your inbox in real-time from just about anywhere. Now you can get more done when you’re on the move!

Greater FlexibilityGreater Flexibility

Exchange 2010 hosting grants you the freedom to securely access your inbox through the full-featured and familiar Outlook Web Access from virtually any platform, web browser, or mobile device. Whether you prefer Firefox over IE or use a Mac instead of a PC, you don’t have to use a second-grade web application anymore.

Efficient Information SharingEfficient Information Sharing

Among others, the Federation for Exchange Server 2010 feature allows you to share calendars or distribution lists with clients, just as if they were part of your organization. And to prevent any unintentional information leak, Outlook 2010′s new Mail Tips can alert you before you send emails to outsiders or large distribution lists.

Improved OutlookNew Improved Outlook

While featuring several improvements, Outlook’s newest release keeps its familiar, user-friendly interface. Benefits from a tidy new Conversation View, MailTips, full parity of Outlook Web Access, and more 100% FREE OF CHARGE! You get Live-Tech’s fantastic Microsoft Outlook 2010 offer with every Live-Tech Hosted Exchange 2010 account. (Free software Licensing for the following versions of Microsoft Outlook 2007 & 2010. Also available for Mac Outlook 2011 & Entourage 2011.)

Achieve greater controlAchieve greater control

Developed in-house, Live-Tech’s Control Panel is a web-based portal that allows you to securely access and easily manage your account from just about anywhere. Reliable, flexible and intuitive, our Control Panel makes managing your account a breeze. Available exclusively to our customers, Live-Tech’s Control Panel comes free of charge with every account.

Keep a grip on your accountKeep a grip on your account

Our Control Panel relieves and eliminates all user-management-related headaches! In a few clicks, you can add/delete users, change permissions, administer your domains, email aliases, distribution lists, reallocation of disk space, and perform other administrative functions. No more need to spend hours acquiring dry technical knowledge to manage your account.

BlackBerry Sync (Phone & PlayBook)BlackBerry Sync

  • Full Outlook/Exchange integration in true push mode
  • Wireless synchronization of emails, folders, calendar, tasks, and contacts
  • Encrypted technology
  • Instant activation

iPhone Sync* & iPad SynciPhone Sync*

  • Real-time ActiveSync synchronization with Exchange
  • Wireless synchronization of emails, calendar, contacts, and more
  • Encrypted technology
  • Instant activation

ActiveSync* for Phones and TabletsActiveSync*

  • Real-time synchronization for ActiveSync-ready devices
  • Wireless synchronization of emails, calendar, contacts, and more
  • Encrypted technology
  • Instant activation

Be in perfect sync with your Outlook thanks to Live-Tech’s hosted Mobility for Live-Tech Hosted Exchange. Whether you’re a BlackBerry, iPhone or a DROID fan, you can keep your emails, calendar, contacts and tasks at hand. Our real-time wireless synchronization allows you to be as efficient out of the office as in the office.

Complement your solutionComplement your solution

Live-Tech offers a vast range of additional options that complement and enhance your Live-Tech Hosted Exchange experience. Upon request, we can customize your solution to your specific requirements and distinct needs.

Additional Public Folder SpaceAdditional Public Folder Space

Public Folder is a central, shared folder in Outlook allowing employees in an organization to easily share information. All Live-Tech Hosted Exchange accounts include 100 Mb of Public Folder space. You can buy more disk space for a monthly fee per user.

If you require over 2 GB of Public Folder space for your organization, we suggest you look into implementing a SharePoint site.

Exchange redirectionExchange redirection

A redirect (or forward) allows for a copy of all incoming emails from an Exchange mailbox to be sent to an external mailbox (i.e. Hotmail, Gmail, etc.). You can redirect your Live-Tech Hosted Exchange emails to an external mailbox of your choice for a minimal fee per month, per user. Every redirected message is saved on our servers.

POP3 AccountsPOP3 Accounts

A POP3 mailbox is a basic email account you can access from Outlook Web Access. Using your own domain name and storage, every Live-Tech POP3 account includes 1 Gb disk space, spam and virus protection, and IMAP support.

POP3 mailboxes can be an economical alternative to Exchange for light users in an organization. We, however, recommend you look into signing up for Live-Tech Hosted Exchange if you wish to benefit from sharing capabilities, ActiveSync, and many other rich email functionalities.

Company Email DisclaimerCompany Email Disclaimer

Company email disclaimers are legal statements usually appended to emails. As emails are becoming a commodity, organizations need to protect themselves from the legal implications of email communications. With email disclaimers, you can specify the scope of rights or obligations of both the sender and recipient of each individual email. For a fixed monthly fee, you can set up an email disclaimer for your entire organization.

Exchange Custom Transport RulesExchange Custom Transport Rules

Live-Tech’s Hosted Exchange allows for the implementation of corporate or compliance policies to emails flowing through the server. Our team can tailor rules for message routing and content restriction to meet your distinct organization requirements.


ADSync is a simple synchronization tool for system administrators to automatically send user attributes from their Active Directory to Live-Tech’s Active Directory without using the control panel.

Although setting up one user in our control panel is simple and quick, you might not like the idea of setting up each and every one of your users manually. With ADSync, you can easily synchronize all the user profiles contained on your servers’ Active Directory with our infrastructure, without even having to connect to the control panel.

ADSync handles:

  • User creation
  • Updates of user attributes
  • User deletion
  • User password changes

* ADSync does not synchronize distribution lists and aliases for the moment.

Top 5 Benefits of Live-Tech Hosted Exchange

Differentiate your business and gain a competitive advantage with Live-Tech’s Hosted Exchange 2010. Our complete email and collaboration solution allows you to get more done for less: less time, less money, less hassle.

Peace of mind.Peace of mind.

Many small and medium businesses lack the IT resources or expertise to operate and manage a business-class messaging solution. Live-Tech’s Hosted Exchange solution addresses this need by providing you with:

  • Security and reliability
  • Guaranteed backup and recovery
  • 24/7/365 maintenance and support
  • Full administrative control


State-of-the-art MobilityEmployees are becoming increasingly mobile, working in the office, at home, on the road, and at client and partner sites. Live-Tech’s Hosted Exchange provides complete support for mobile employees with:

  • Wireless Blackberry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile synchronization
  • Full-featured Outlook Web App 2010

Increase your productivity.

Reach new levels of productivityNowadays, most jobs and projects require the input of multiple team members, all working collaboratively. Regardless of location, every member needs the most up-to-date information to do their job. Live-Tech’s Hosted Exchange lets you share and collaborate on common information so no one is left in the dark.

  • Shared emails, contacts, folders, notes, etc.
  • Advanced meeting scheduling with invitation and response tracking
  • Shared individual and corporate calendars


Forget about servers stored in the janitor’s closet. Live-Tech’s Hosted Exchange infrastructure sits in a tier-4 data center and is based on a reliable and scalable Fortune 500-grade platform using best of breed equipment. Every critical component of the architecture is redundant, providing load-balance and/or failover capabilities. We provide a stable, secure, reliable, and rapidly recoverable messaging environment.


With Hosted Exchange by Live-Tech, smaller businesses with limited financial means and/or technical expertise can now compete with the big guys in terms of technology solutions. The model is straightforward: instead of investing a lot of money in servers, software, technical infrastructure, upgrades, maintenance, IT staff and more, you can now free up your IT staff and benefit from the power of well-known software for a low fixed cost per user, per month

Rely on a proven formulaRely on a proven formula

Over 20,000 organizations have successfully moved their emails, contacts, calendars, notes, and folders from a variety of platforms to Live-Tech’s Exchange infrastructure. Whether you choose to do it yourself or with the assistance of our trained professionals, your migration to Live-Tech Hosted Exchange 2010 will feel like a simple upgrade to your users.

Our expert team members are professionals who have many years of experience as well as a vast knowledge of corporate email environments. From basic migration solutions to complex custom migration services, our engineers will assist you every step of the way.

Premium servicePremium service

If you need help to deploy your new Live-Tech Hosted Exchange service, Live-Tech will step in with the right experience, IT infrastructure knowledge, and technical expertise to support you.

  • Dedicated account managers and level-2 engineers
  • Expert planning, design, and pilot testing of your migration
  • Import of your .pst files by a migration specialist
  • Access to proprietary tools
  • 24/7 support

* We also offer custom migration solutions for bigger organizations with specific needs. Please contact us for more information.

Do it yourselfDo it yourself (optional)

When you sign up, we provide you with all the tools you need to easily deploy your new Live-Tech Hosted Exchange solution.

  • Detailed activation email with important links and user login information
  • Configuration guide
  • Access to proprietary tools
  • 24/7 support

VIP Customer Care & Support

VIP Customer Care & SupportStarting from picking the most suitable plan, our dedicated & expert support team ensures working hand-in-hand with you – to assist you through each step in setting up your account & beyond.

Our Red Carpet treatment VIP customer care & support means, every customer is important to us to work with you in any way possible.